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Classic Tote Handbag

Plant-Based Leather Tote, Designed and Made in Australia
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The Classic Tiel Tote

Premium Plant-Based Leather

Our Classic Tote has been designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind. This versatile and classic style suits all wardrobes and occasions with effortless appeal. Made from a luxurious and soft, plant-based leather that is 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable and the first of its kind in the world.

The Classic Tiel Tote

Ethically Made

By purchasing our Classic Tiel Tote, you can be comfortable in knowing that your purchase is supporting ethical fashion and the movement towards sustainable production and development of plant-based textiles.

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The Classic Tiel Tote

superior quality

Our plant-based leather is smooth, supple, flexible and breathable. It has undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure the end result is a durable textile that is resistant to bacteria/mould, easy to clean and maintain.

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inner lining cotten

Inner lining

Our Classic Tiel Tote lining is made using 100% Australian grown cotton, sustainably farmed in Queensland and dyed using low toxicity, water-based inks in Victoria. Our cotton is unique, as it has been both grown and spun in Australia. Our partners at Full Circle Fibres source the best quality Australian cotton which supports sustainable onshore manufacturing and and local employment.

Outer lining

Our plant-based leather is developed from a cactus plant native to Mexico by our partners at Desserto without the use of toxic chemicals, phthalates or PVC (plastic) making it environmentally friendly and 100% plant-based. Desserto leather is the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear.

Nopal cactus is grown without irrigation and does not require herbicides or pesticides, making the farming process inherently organic.

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Manufacturing & Production

Our Classic Tiel Tote has been designed and made in Australia. We undertake small scale manufacturing in Brisbane and all bags are shipped out from Brisbane.

Our mission is to Inspire Ethical Living by creating timeless pieces that support a future of clean and green manufacturing
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Our Vision For The Future

  • To support transition to conscious consumerism and reduced waste
  • To promote transparency in our supply chains
  • To give back to communities and the environment

We believe in the old adage that dates back from as early as 1576, “waste not want not – If you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need.” – unknown